How to wash cashmere coat?

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Hairy coats should not be washed. Wools are generally divided into three categories: wool, chemical fiber and blended. Its characteristics are thick and warm, and it is often used to make coat coats, which are often used to keep warm.
Wool clothing cleaning method:  
1) Wool clothing should not be washed, washing is easy to lose hair, shrinkage and deformation, it is recommended to send it to a professional dry cleaner for cleaning. The number of dry cleaning can not be frequent, usually about one or two times.   
2) If stains on the woolen clothes, they should be washed in time. The same kind of smudge, the longer it stays on it, the less likely it is to be washed off; and the longer the stain penetrates into the wool fiber, it will inevitably rub hard when cleaning, which makes it easier to damage the woolen coat.
3) For stained woolen clothes, try to treat the clothes by tiling them on the table and soaking them in warm water (about 30 °C) with a thick white towel (do not screw too dry) Put it on the woolen coat and gently tap it with a thin stick to transfer the stains inside the clothes to the hot towel, then wash the towel, so that it can be repeated several times.
The woolen clothes are warm and comfortable to wear, but they have the disadvantages of love pilling, easy insects, etc., and should be maintained to maintain their long service life.
1) Frequently clean the dust on the clothes: After the clothes are worn, they are easy to get dust, so it is best to remove them as soon as possible. Once you have fallen on dust that is difficult to remove, you cannot use a brush. There is a roller on the market for cleaning wool clothing, which is very effective in removing such dust.
2) Remove wrinkles: The woolen clothes give enough moisture to level the wrinkles on the clothes. You can adjust the steam iron to a low temperature and iron it at a distance of 1~2cm from the wool coat. You can also put the white towel on the clothes and iron it, so that it will not hurt the fabric fiber fiber or leave it. Ironing marks.
3) Keep dry and prevent insects: The clothes that pass through may absorb the sweat of the body. They should be dried in a well-ventilated place and then collected. If it is placed in a cabinet, it is recommended to put some desiccant to keep it dry.