Some cashmere coats on the market may be fake cashmere. How do you tell if it is wool or cashmere?

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Speaking of distinguishing between identification, we must first understand the concept of the two is not? Although cashmere wool is related to sheep, warmth is also very good, but there are essential differences. Wool is the product of sheep. Cashmere is the exclusive of goats. Only goats are called cashmere and a thin layer of fine cashmere at the roots of goats. The yield is very small. It is good for one tenth of the wool production. Cashmere wool It is made of two different materials. The wool produced by sheep is fine and soft, and it can only be wool. The warmth of cashmere is eight times that of wool. Many merchants sell sheep meat and tell customers what lamb velvet is posing as cashmere.
Since it is impossible to distinguish wool cashmere with fire, what should I do?
The wool material is a little bit punctured on the skin. It can't be worn by the meat. The cashmere is delicate and skin-friendly. It can be worn close to the body. The air is warm. You can use the sweater to rub on the arm to judge whether it is cashmere or wool.
Some experienced people can make a general distinction after seeing it at first glance, because the softness of cashmere is very good.
Because the cashmere itself is hollow, its elastic recovery ability is better than that of wool. Grab the cashmere sweater with your hand. After loosening, it can be restored smoothly, and it is not easy to wrinkle. The wool is relatively poor. And the cashmere feels and fluffy is much better than wool.
Then the cost of cashmere is very high. Since it is called soft gold, it should be reflected. I have already introduced it before. Cashmere garments on the market are likely to have fallen into the pit according to the weight of less than 800 pounds.
In fact, the parents bought cashmere and wool blended clothing is also considered good, the national standard stipulates that more than 30% cashmere content can be called cashmere sweater, the minimum blend of warmth can also be, that is, skin-friendly. Nowadays, there are a lot of purified cashmere cashmere that does not contain cashmere or wool at all. This material feels slippery, soft and weak, and lacks a sense of sturdiness. This kind of cashmere is very weak after being exposed to water, and wet clothes will also be sent. hard.