How to judge the authenticity of a piece of clothing wool and cashmere?

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The modern textile industry has reached a very high level, and the chemical fiber of wool-like wool has already surpassed the wool in some respects.
Before buying, it is impossible to judge the wool and cashmere content of a piece of clothing by the naked eye. Experienced masters can only guess a rough estimate. The only thing that can be done is to send a test to the inspection. Sending a testing agency is costly to test and is destructive to clothing. Generally, individual buyers will not do so.
What you can do is to choose the official channel of the big name brand. The clothes from these channels are all tested. The testing company judges the composition of the ingredients through various physical and chemical means. The cost is paid by the brand company, and the wool and cashmere content is marked. Wash the label or the ingredients. The act is supervised and spot-checked by the relevant state-owned industry and commerce department. Only formal channels of formal brands can ensure that the composition description is consistent with the actual situation. Other channels are hard to say.
Relying on individuals can only use the burning method, that is, extract a small amount of yarn to ignite, to see if the taste burns with your hair, that is, the taste of protein burning, this can only help you judge whether it is animal fiber. Others such as wool or cashmere, the proportion of each component depends on individual strength can not be judged.
Not much to say, personal judgment and screening costs are too high, relying on the state and brand supervision of quality is a good way.