Yarn With PVA

Cashmere Yarn With PVA. Wool Yarn With PVA . Super Soft Hand Feeling and more lighter. Leisure Style .

Cashmere Blend Yarn

Yarn Count :2/26-2/28NM Composition: 70%Mercerized Wool 30%Cashmere 80%Mercerized Wool 20%Cashmere 90%Mercerized Wool 10%Cashmere Normal Twist , Pilling level ISO 3.5

Pure Cashmere Hand Spun Yarn

Pure Cashmere 100% Spun By Hand. Yarn Count about 1/8.5NM Original Spin Yarn

100%Cashmere Yarn (High Twist)

2/26NM 100%Cashmere Yarn On Cone Fibre Lenght :34mm-36mm Micron :16.2um High Twist , Better Pilling . Soft hand feeling .


The texture is soft and flexible, the warmth is good, and the material is extensible. The raw materials are preferred in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China.