Yarn With PVA

Cashmere Yarn With PVA.
Wool Yarn With PVA .
Super Soft Hand Feeling and more lighter.
Leisure Style .

Cashmere Blend Yarn

Yarn Count :2/26-2/28NM
Composition: 70%Mercerized Wool 30%Cashmere
80%Mercerized Wool 20%Cashmere
90%Mercerized Wool 10%Cashmere
Normal Twist , Pilling level ISO 3.5

Pure Cashmere Hand Spun Yarn

Pure Cashmere
100% Spun By Hand.
Yarn Count about 1/8.5NM
Original Spin Yarn

100%Cashmere Yarn (High Twist)

2/26NM 100%Cashmere Yarn On Cone
Fibre Lenght :34mm-36mm
Micron :16.2um
High Twist , Better Pilling .
Soft hand feeling .


The texture is soft and flexible, the warmth is good, and the material is extensible. The raw materials are preferred in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China.

Cashmere Fibre

Fine and light warm, soft to the touch, slender fiber, strong pull, good gloss, every year we will send a professional acquisition team to penetrate the Inner Mongolia high-yield area, select high-quality fluff for customers, strictly control the raw materials, and provide the first quality products. One step guarantee.
Fibre length 32mm-38mm , micron from 15.5um-16.5um .

100%Cashmere Yarn (Stock Service)

Moq:1kg , stock service.
Payment :TT/LC/Paypal .
Shipment : 7 Days after payment.
Packing: Bag or Carton.
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